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Are you looking for new ways to inspire kids to use their minds and their imagination?
Do you need more diverse representation that your children can identify with?

Let's get started on our Magical Journey!

The Award-Winning Magical Shell is empowering kids confidence and self-identity through the power of storytelling and its importance with our self-identity in our day to day lives. It is also inspiring kids to use their imaginations and that there is so much to explore and learn when going outdoors and changing our surroundings. 


Engage Imagination

Our book and Activity book takes readers into the adventure with Johnny.


Promote Discovery

Encourage kids to explore the world around them with the power of their mind and stories.


Inspire Dreams

Author Endeah Canty Speaks on The Importance of Imagination and Inspiring Dreams.

Let us fuel your mission to inspire the children you are called to serve.

Discover the book that is educating and taking kids on an adventure

while bringing their imaginations to life!

Schedule your call now. It's as easy as 1, 2,3.

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What People Are Saying

“Thank you for making a book i can buy my son, and he can see an image of himself..."

Lisa Trumbull

"...when his Aunt and Uncle took him to  the aquarium last week, he knew all about the stingrays and other life under the sea..."
“This book will simultaneously encourage your child to visit the wonders of their imagination and help instill a love of the nature around them."

Faith Gladding

Marcus Barber

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All Videos

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