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Inspiring Dreams and Imagination

Hundredfold Return Publishing (HRP) brings books to children, inspiring dreams to fuel their creativity and adventures for their curious little minds. HRP offers a variety of stories with beautiful illustrations and enchanting tales that educate children while inspiring their minds to expand. Helping children understand faith, mental health, well-being and the world around them is a result of the stories that are given.

Through diverse representation embracing Black and World culture, HRP’s books teach pride in individuality and a sense of connection to others. From adventures in imagination, to guided discovery, and discussion starters, HRP’s books are the perfect addition to any library for family time, classrooms or little readers to enjoy alone. 



Endeah Canty

Endeah writes books inspired by discovering life through her beautiful daughters eyes. She is creator, author, and visionary for a series of epic fantasy and adventure kids books and positive affirmation journals soon to be released on HRP. 


Her first book, The Magical Shell gained recognition shortly after release as a winner in the 2023 BookFest Awards for the category Childrens Action and Adventure. Endeah has plans to bring written, audio and visual story telling to life for kids; empowering imagination and an excitement for books. Through her awesome stories and illustrations Endeah’s goal is to inspire all kids with access to books showing diverse representation.


Before she started writing Endeah earned her B.A. from Grand Valley State University. Enjoying a successful career she also found time to pursue another passion in front of the camera for many brand campaigns. When not working Endeah can be found listening to audio books or exploring the wonders of nature, faith and family.


Endeah would love to hear from you. We are always looking for new and exciting opportunities, projects, and collaborations. Let's connect!

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